Canvas Bottom Replacement for Guinea Pig Pet Cage Habitat 47 x 24 x 3.7 inches (119 x 61 x 9.5 cm)

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- This pet cage canvas bottom is a convenient replacement bottom part for pet habitat of  guinea pigs and other small animals.

- The canvas bottom is leak proof and durable. The smooth textural surface can protect and provide comfort for the small and sensitive feet of your pets.

- The canvas bottom is made of leak-proof material, which can keep all the pet messes contained for future cleaning. And it’s hand washable allowing for easy maintenance.

- This canvas bottom replacement can be easily fixed under or detached from your pet cage with the velcro straps. No tool required!


Convenient and Durable Canvas Bottom Replacement for Small Pet Cage

This sturdy canvas bottom replacement is made of high quality leak-proof PVC-lined material. It can provide a comfortable surface for the sensitive feet of your small pets. Meanwhile, the 3.7-inch high borders can securely contain all the pet messes in the pet cage without leaking.

The washable canvas bottom is secured to your pet cage with velcro straps, and can be removed for washing and maintenance easily.