Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush Set – 2 Pieces (Straight & Spiral) Roller Brush with Wooden Handle and Nylon Pin for Detangling, Straightening, Curling and Volumizing

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  • This boar bristle round hair brush set includes a straight brush and a spiral brush. They are designed to style, add volume, curl and wave when blow-drying the hair.
  • These no static boar bristle round brushes are made with natural boar bristles and nylon pins. They can provide nourishment by stimulating and massaging scalp and gently spreading the hair’s natural oils.
  • The nylon pins can guide the hair easily through the brush avoiding tangling and knots. While, the durable boar bristles can hold your hair close to the barrel to style and create a voluminous curl without static.
  • The hair brush handles are made of natural larch wood. They are lightweight and provide a comfortable grip for easy handling when blow-drying. They are excellent for medium hair.
  • These boar bristle round brushes can fit most hair types. The spiral brush is perfect for curls and bobs on thinner hair, while the straight brush is recommended for straightening and bangs on thicker hair.


No Static Multifunctional Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush Set

These boar bristle round hair brushes will not damage the hair or generate static electricity during usage. They are effective in combing, detangling, styling, curling and adding volume. You can choose the straight or the spiral size according to your need.