32GB Server Memory DDR4 2133P ECC REG 4DR*4 2133 MHz Server RAM without Heat Sink

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- This 32GB RAM server memory is stable and durable. It can ensure the stability and smoothness of data transmission.  

- DDR4 2133 MHz frequency supports super quick data transmission speed.

- With the latest technology, this server memory has lower heat dissipation and can work smoothly without heat sink.

- This DDR4 server memory is also easy to install. It supports instant plug and play. There is no need to install drivers.  

- It is suitable for servers and workstations. Speed up your computer significantly with lower energy consumption! 

Super Fast Server RAM without Heat Sink - DDR4 ECC REG 4DR*4 2133 MHz

 * Type: DDR4 ECC REG

* Capacity: 32GB

* Speed: 2133MHz

* Compatible with servers and workstations

* Not for desktop/PC/laptop/notebook