X99 Workstation Motherboard for Crypto Node CHIA GPU Plotting FIL sealing build – HUANANZHI X99-T8D / Dual CPU (Support Intel Xeon E5-26XX v3 Series)/ 8 DDR3 REG ECC RAM slot (maximum support 256G) / M.2 NGFF NVMe SSD Slot Workstation Mainboard

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- This X99-T8D Motherboard is the most economic way to set up a crypto Node (Validators or Pools), CHIA GPU plotting machine or Filecoin sealing machine.

- Dual CPU slots support E5-2629 v3/ E5-2649 v3/E5-2669 v3/E5-2673 v3/ E5-2676 v3/E5-2678 v3/E5-2696 v3/E5-2666 v3/E5-2686v4/E5-2696v4

- Support both DDR3 REG ECC RAM and non-ECC RAM, good for high RAM workstation build, maximum support 256G RAM

- There are 12 PCB layers used to build this durable motherboard, which ensures the motherboard has a long life service with high efficiency.

- The optimized wiring design not only reduces heat generation, but also ensures stable signals and electrical connections.


High Performance X99-T8D Motherboard Perfect for DIY Workstation.

This compact and light motherboard adopts the latest technology to ensure stable and high performance during long-term usage. Built with firm materials, this motherboard can withstand many fans and other heavy components without deforming.


 - Motherboard Model: X99-T8D

- Motherboard Type: E- ATX

- Motherboard Dimension: 320*300mm

- CPU Supported: E5 2678 V3/2676 V3/2696 V3/2629 V3/2649 V3/2669 V3 and others which support DDR3 RAM

- CPU Sockets: LGA 2011-3 series

- Graphics Card Slots: PCI-E 3.0 x16 * 3

- Integrated Video Card: Not included

- RAM Slots: DDR3 (4 channel) * 8

- Memory Capacity Peak: 32G * 8 ( Max 256G )

- M.2 Interfaces: M.2 NVME & M.2 NGFF

- SATA Interfaces: SATA3.0 * 10

- USB Ports (Back): USB 3.0 * 4 & USB 2.0 * 4

- USB Ports (Front): USB 3.0 * 2 & USB 2.0 * 4