Computer Fan for PC Case - 140 mm Super Cooling Fan with 4-Pin Connector

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- This computer fan guarantees efficient cooling for your PC.

- The pressure-optimized design reduces the friction in the bearing and avoids lubricant leakage, therefore, this computer fan is more efficient and durable. 

- The 9 pieces of wing section fan blades can improve air flow and facilitates a highly efficient ventilation.

- The lightweight design of those 2mm thin fan blades can also reduce friction and minimize the noise.



Size: 14cm×14cm×2.5cm

Power: DC12V/0.25A/3W

MTBF: 40000 hours

Fan Speed: 500~1500±150 rpm

Airflow: 85CFM

Noise Level: 36 dB(A)

Cable Length: 550mm

Interface: 4-Pin