6 Pin PCIe M/F Extension Cable - PCIe to PCIe Power Extension, Male to Female, 30cm/11.8 inches

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- This 6 Pin PCIe power extension cable is used to lengthen the connection between host power connector and the PCIe port on a video card.

- Designed with PVC flexible jacket, 18 AWG oxygen free copper and bare copper braided shielding prolongs the life span of this cable.

- The clip and latch design on the connector can prevent accidental disconnections and ensure a safer power supply condition.

- This flexible PVC sleeved power supply cable not only looks attractive in an open computer case but also reduces the stress on your GPU port.

- The female end can connect to the power cable of the power supply and the male end can plug into the PCIe port on a video card. This PCIe power extension cable is compatible with popular video card models such as the GeForce Titan X.


PSU Extension Solution for Neat & Tidy Cable Management

This 6-Pin PCIe Power Extension Cable provides a convenient solution for extending the connection from a power supply with a 6-Pin PCIe cable to a video graphics card.

* Sleeved cables are easy to dress in a computer case

* Attractive addition to a chassis with a viewing window

* Sleek black color coordinates with other components

* Latched plug connects securely to your GPU