Computer Power Switch Button Kit - Alternative Power Supply On/Off Reset HDD Push Button with 1.6m Extension Cable for Desktop PC Motherboard Mining Case

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- This motherboard power reset switch button kit with 1.6m extension cable fits most desktop computer host cases and mining cases with front panel button.

- With the 1.6m extension cable, you can put the round power button kit on your desk, making it easier to power on your PC if it's not located in an easy-to-reach place .

- The power switch kit comes with two buttons (Power & Reset) and three LEDs (Power, Hard Drive Activity &  Sleep). With this power switch connected, there's no need to go fumbling under desk to turn on PC anymore.

- Each switch and LED is clearly labeled to make installation easy. Please check your motherboard's website for a manual on where to connect it, or simply remove the front panel connectors one by one, replacing them with those provided by this switch.

- There is a metal sleeve over the cable that sits nicely in the card-slot cover to prevent the cable from being accidentally pulled or disconnected from the main board.=


Convenient Alternative Power Switch Kit for your PC

This convenient computer power button makes power Computer much easier. Located computer in a hard to reach area , this is a convenient switch on the desk and hitting it rather than bend down to turn the computer on

There are three LED lights (Power, Hard Drive Activity & Sleep) in the switch. They're solid blue when the computer is on, and  flicker with red light when your computer is loading or doing something memory intensive. The intensity of red light can even correspond with how much strain your computer is under, so it's easy to tell if your computer is off or just sleeping when you return.


Cable Length : 1.6m
Material (External) : Plastic, Metal
Package: 1 Set of Desktop Power Switch Button Kit

*Note: Only the Deluxe version button kit includes USB and audio ports.