Hard Drive Cage - HDD Bracket 5 Layers 3.5" DIY Hard Disk Storage Tray, Adapter Rack Bracket (Black)

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- This is a 3.5 inch hard disk rack for SSD, hard drive storage.

- The 5-layer design and large capacity make it perfect for most 3.5 inch hard disks.

- The hollow design on both sides of the the cage ensures fast heat dissipation of the hard disks in all directions inside the HDD storage cage. 

- Made of quality metal material, this hard drive cage is stable and durable.

- Each layer of the bracket is equipped with four screws to fix the hard disk, thus  preventing the hard disk from falling. 


This hard disk storage bracket is a great solution for organizing your hard disks. It’s properly layered and fixed, safe and worry-free.

Material: Metal
Color: Black
Size: About 145*115*140 mm / 5.7*4.5*5.5 inch(L*W*H)
Layers: 5

Package Included:
1 * Hard Drive Bracket
1 bag of Screws