Hard Disk Bracket Extension Rack - Acrylic Hard Disk Drives Storage Cage - 3.5-inch HDD Organizer 10-layer Bracket

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- 3.5 mm durable and stable high quality acrylic bracket for organizing hard disk drives. (hard drives and fans are not included in this product.)

- 3.5-inch HDD bracket allows up to 10 hard disk drives to be stored and fixed in it.

- Each layer is equipped with four screws to fix the hard disk to prevent the hard disk from falling. 

- This 10-layer HDD bracket also has 3 cooling fan positions reserved. With three 8cm cooling fans installed, your hard disks will have better heat dissipation.

- There is a handle at the top of each panel, so you can move the HDD bracket with ease. The easy installation and portable design is ideal for DIY lover.


Thickness: 3.5mm

Bracket Layers: 10 layers
Material: Acrylic 

Suitable for 3.5-inch hard disks

Supporting fan: 80mm fan, and the distance between fan holes is 72mm.


Package Includes:

1 x HDD Storage Bracket ( two panels and 45 screws without hard drives)