Dual Power Supply Units Adapter Cable, 24 Pin Dual PSU Power Supply Extension Cable, for ATX Mainboard Motherboard - 11.8 inches / 30cm

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  • With this dual PSU adaptercable, you can connect two low-power power supply units  to one single motherboard and power up multiple graphics cards. So you don’t have to spend extra money to upgrade an expensive single high-power PSU.
  • This 24-pin dual PSU adapter cableallows you to connect an additional PSU to your ATX motherboard. Both power supply units can be powered on and off at the same time.
  • The adapter cable has a 24 Pin (20+4) male connector and two 24 Pin female connectors.
  • ThisPSU cable is designed with PVC flexible jacket and 18 AWG oxygen free copper, which not only prolongs the life span of the cable but also ensures a safe connection.
  • The dual PSU power supply extension cable for ATX motherboard is 11.8 inches long, which can help you neatly arrange the power supply units in your PC case.


If you want to supply more power to your computer components without upgrading existing power supply unit, this Dual Power Supply Units Adapter Cable is exact what you need! You can add a second PSU to your PC through this Dual PSU Cable and use both power supply units to power your upgraded PC. Both power supply units are turned on when pressing the power button on your PC.


Length: 11.8 inches / 30cm
Wire model: 1007 18AWG
Insulation material: PVC insulation
Conductor type: 34 x 0.12TS
Wire outer diameter: OD2.1mm
Interface: 24 Pin (20+4) male connector, 24 Pin female connectors.