PU Waterproof Gloves - 75cm Long Chemical Resistant Pond Gloves - Reusable Heavy Duty Work Gloves for Painting, Chemical, Acid and Oil Protection

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- These extended heavy-duty reusable waterproof work gloves are durable and highly resistant to chemicals.

- The practical gloves are 75cm long. The extended sleeves with a fixing strap design can ensure the gloves to stick to your arms securely without falling off.     

- The non-slip palm design of these chemical resistant gloves offer good grip to grab the wet and greasy parts without slipping.

- These long work gloves are breathable, easy to put on and take off, providing comfortable protection for wrists and arms from splashes, abrasives and dangerous chemicals.

- They are ideal for handling chemicals, oil refining, machine maintenance, washing, fishing, constructing, gardening, mining, printing, dyeing, forestry, automotive industry and more.


Practical 75cm Long Waterproof Work Gloves for Protection

These heavy duty reusable chemical resistant work gloves can protect both your arms and hands from liquids and chemicals during work. Keep your hands warm and dry!

They can provide an effective barrier for your arms and hands against water, oils, acids, and other harmful chemicals. They are easy to put on and remove, comfortable to wear during long working hours. The non-slip palm design can ensure you to have a firm grip when handling wet or greasy parts.