Halloween Inflatable Dinosaur Head Cover - Headgear Costume Mask for Men and Women

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- This funny inflatable dinosaur headgear costume for teenagers and adults is made of polyester fiber.

- It is durable and well ventilated, very comfortable to wear. One size fits most older teenagers and adults.

- With the included air pump, it’s also very easy to inflate and dress the inflatable head cover mask.

- This inflatable dinosaur head mask is lightweight, you can communicate with others freely while dressed in it.

- This Halloween dinosaur headgear costume is not just for holidays. You can wear it and make funny videos in various occasions including parties, shows, celebrations and other outdoor activities.

Halloween Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Mask for Teenagers and Adults

This funny inflatable dinosaur headgear costume a wonderful Halloween costume for most older teenagers and adults. The costume is durable and well ventilated. With the included air pump and battery box (batteries are not included), it’s easy inflate and dress the inflatable costume. It’s an amazing costume for holidays, parties, shows and celebrations. You can dress it to make funny videos and become the center of attention in the crowd!