Permanent Double-Sided Removable Film Tape (1cm/16m)

Permanent Double-Sided Removable Film Tape (1cm/16m)

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  • This double-sided tape is made with high quality strong adhesive, easy to stick two objects firmly, such as paper, card, ribbon. It’s a necessary for DIY.
  • The tape is easy to pull out of the roll. It can be easily teared by hand, so you don’t need any scissors for the easiest application! The adhesive is extremely strong but is still easy to remove and peel by hand. It will not leave a sticky residue after removed.
  • It’s a convenient tool for daily life. You can use it on all types of arts and crafts, photography, scrapbooking, cardstocks, glitter, cards, boxes, and much much more!
  • Please note that this adhesive tape should be applied to dry and clean surfaces to ensure the desired effect.


This Strong Double-Sided Adhesive Tape Is A Good Helper In Your Life! 

This double-sided adhesive tape can be widely used in home life, office and industry, such as DIY arts and crafts, scrapbook, fixing carpet, rugs and boxes, paper crafting, card making,  mounting photos and more. It’s a great helper that brings convenience to your daily life!

To use this strong double-sided adhesive tape, start with clean, dry surfaces, cut or tear the tape with desired length, apply and press it firmly on one object, then remove the surface layer from the tape to expose the adhesive layer. Finally, place the other object on the adhesive and gently press  to ensure the desired adhesive effect.

Note: For stronger adhesive effect, please keep the object surface clean and smooth before stick the tape on.

Material: paper with strong adhesive
Color: white
Width: 1cm
Length: 16 meters each roll