Universal Bathtub Stopper Drain Stopper for Bathroom, Bathtub, Laundry, Kitchen

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  • This universal silicone bathtub stopper is a “one size fits all” product. You don’t have to measure the drain size before using it. It is able to seal sinks or bathtubs perfectly without leakage. 
  • Unlike other stoppers with a ring or handle which are easy to break when pulling during use, this bathtub stopper is unbreakable and does not need to pull.
  • Super easy to use! No muscle needed when you drain the bath. It is easy to take away and remove even when the water level is full in your sink or bathtub.
  • This great bathtub stopper is pretty and safe. (BPA free, Phthalate and PVC free.) It's also very easy to clean. Just rinse and air dry it when you do not use it.
  • This amazing bathtub stopper be used in bathroom, kitchen and laundry sink etc. The price is more than reasonable.


This wonderful bathtub stopper can keep all your water in the tub securely during bath-times. 

The slim and flat design makes it seal perfectly with no leakage. The bathtub stopper has great suction but is also easy to remove. It’s easy to lift up (just slip a finger under the side). The soft and flexible silicone material makes it safe and easy for little hands to cover and remove it safely from the drain themselves!